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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


10 tips healthy sleep

sleep is for everyone, for the sleep stamina will recover,
but what if you have trouble sleeping disorder?
Difficulty sleeping disorders are usually called with insomnia.
insomnia gather in three types:

. Chronic insomnia
. Insomnia transient
. Short-term insomnia
Insomnia can be caused by bebagai pp. Some diseases can cause insomnia, namely Parkinson's disease, shortness of breath, flu, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, hypoglycemia, cough, impaired liver function, renal failure, heart failure, dementia, hypertension, and several other diseases. Chronic pain caused by rheumatism, of menopausal, colic, pain, cancer can also cause insomnia. Atmosphere that can disrupt sleep at night is nocturia (urination at night), air temperature is too hot or too cold, noisy (living near the railroad tracks, factories). Addicted to drugs or alcohol or tobacco or caffeine (coffee) can also cause insomnia, several other drugs such as antidepressants, Corticosteroids, reserpin

here are 10 tips for healthy sleep to prevent insomnia
. Wash up before bed
. Better yet hungry stomach is not in condition
. Do not smoke for some time before bed
. Reduce alcohol consumption
. Do not consume caffeine before bedtime.
. Adjust the light in the bedroom in order to feel comfortable
. Try not to nap
. Immediately lie down if it feels sleepy
. Done stretching muscles before bedtime
. Reposition your mind to keep it quiet

With high quality and adequate sleep, we can be better prepared and concentrated
management to perform the activity the next day.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


5 tips to stop smoking

Who does not know cigarette.smoke and smoking is one of the largest consumption in dunia.smoke containing addictive substances that can lead to addiction for the smokers, which obviously would obviously lead to negative effects for the smokers themselves and those around him.

quit smoking for some smokers just like in order to stop eating

The following are some tips to start up smoking:

1.make a table plan to stop smoking.

specify how much time there is need to stop smoking.

in this planning process to avoid all that related to smoking.

2.make one principle on yourself that "SMOKING" is futile "SMOKING" is harmful.

if you apply this way, the desire to smoke will be reduced drastically

3.ton eliminate or sour taste due to non-smokers, multiply Eat fruit and drink some water. regularly and looking busy on the sidelines during your spare time.

5.getting support of friends and family for your monitor so as not smoking.
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