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Eight Healthy Ways to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

There are many ways to be thin and muscular, but in order to be healthy as well, a balanced diet and exercise are essential. Many people b...

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Eight Healthy Ways to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

There are many ways to be thin and muscular, but in order to be healthy as well, a balanced diet and exercise are essential. Many people believe that if they eat very little, they will burn more fat. This however is not true, when you don't eat enough your metabolism slows down, because your body thinks you're starving and it needs to make the most out of the fat that is already stored in it. Another thing that can happen if you don't eat enough is you can get gastritis. Gastritis is an irritation of the lining of the stomach, which can result in an ulcer and ultimately stomach cancer if it is not taken care of. Protein and Carbs are also essential if you wish to burn fat and build muscle. So now that we have covered the basics let's take a look a few tips:
Eight Healthy Ways to Burn Fat and Build Muscle
1) Drink at least four cups of green tea a day (this does not count toward your minimum water consumption requirements which is about half a gallon a day). Green tea accelerates your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn more fat.
2) Do not exercise every single day, because your body needs time to recover and build muscle.
3) Exercise. To build muscle you must life weights. Men should use higher intensity and do less repetitions and women should use less intensity and do more repetitions. Cardio exercise (running, jogging, etc.) is important, but after 30 minutes you will start to burn muscle rather that fat. So limit your self to 30 minutes a day.
4) Sleep. In order for your whole body to function properly you need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. You should not consume food 3 to 4 hours prior to going to bed, because if you do your body will still be partially awake while it is digesting the food. You won't wake up refreshed and ready for your day if you do not follow this advice.
5) Protein Supplements. Protein helps you build muscle. The best time to take your protein supplement is right after working out.
6) Carbs. To avoid feeling light headed or dizzy, it is necessary to consume carbs before a workout. A granola bar, or slice of bread with peanut butter will do.
7) Do not use white sugar, bread, pasta, or rice. Wheat pasta, wheat rice, brown sugar and brown rice are acceptable, but should still be used in moderation. Wheat flour tortillas are also acceptable in small quantities.
8) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can eat them as much as you want with a few exceptions. Such fruits and vegetables as bananas and potatoes are healthy, but should be consumed in moderation to avoid weight gain.
Note: As you build muscle, your weight will increase, so don't pay so much attention to the scale. The weight you will gain will be pure muscle, not fat.
The wonderful thing about, combining exercise and a healthy diet, is that once you start building muscle, the muscle will in turn burn more fat! Follow the healthy diet and exercise tips above and soon you will be on your way to a thinner and more toned you!

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7 day GM diet plan for weight loss

The diet was created for the employees of the General Motors Company to help them get in maximum shape in only a few days and maximize their cognitive capabilities and overall health by following this diet made by nutritionists.

 GM diet plan

The first two days imply consuming only fruits and vegetables(fruits for day 1 and vegetables for day 2). This is the most effective cleansing possible and after these days you will feel and be lighter and you body will be thankful.
If you follow the link above there are many Gm diet resources that can help you achieve your wildest dreams. One interesting fact is that the diet has 3 variations depending on the follower background. There is the Gm diet for indians and the vegetarian/vegan diet that some say is the most effective.
There is even a special soup that you can prepare if you want to try something new and very recommended for weight loss.The soup is called the GM diet soup(i know, not that original) and it has the potential to speed up your metabolism and help you through the diet.

Because of its effectiveness this became fast a worldwide trend and people got really excited by the many success stories and the automated health benefits that came after following the plan.
This is a safe diet for almost everybody and it will help you cleanse your organism at first and then make place for the most essential nutrients like protein, good carbohydrates and some healthy unsaturated fats.
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The Best 3 Carbohydrates For Your Muscle Building Diet Plan

Some people may try to utilize low carb muscle building diets and while they may work for a very select few individuals, about 95% of the population is better off avoiding these. They just don’t supply your body with what it needs to complete the protein synthesis process.

As you go about creating a muscle building diet plan to help you pack on more lean muscle mass than ever before, one nutrient that you definitely cannot do without is the carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are going to be what supplies your body with all the energy that’s required to not only carry out the process of muscle building itself, but also to perform those hard workouts in the gym.

This said, not all carbohydrates are created equally.
If you really want to see the best possible results from your muscle building diet plan then you need to be taking the time to select the best varieties. Let’s have a quick look right now at your top options.

Oats ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Brown Rice
Brown Rice ile ilgili görsel sonucu 
Brown Pasta
brown  pasta ile ilgili görsel sonucu
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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


10 tips healthy sleep

sleep is for everyone, for the sleep stamina will recover,
but what if you have trouble sleeping disorder?
Difficulty sleeping disorders are usually called with insomnia.
insomnia gather in three types:

. Chronic insomnia
. Insomnia transient
. Short-term insomnia
Insomnia can be caused by bebagai pp. Some diseases can cause insomnia, namely Parkinson's disease, shortness of breath, flu, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, hypoglycemia, cough, impaired liver function, renal failure, heart failure, dementia, hypertension, and several other diseases. Chronic pain caused by rheumatism, of menopausal, colic, pain, cancer can also cause insomnia. Atmosphere that can disrupt sleep at night is nocturia (urination at night), air temperature is too hot or too cold, noisy (living near the railroad tracks, factories). Addicted to drugs or alcohol or tobacco or caffeine (coffee) can also cause insomnia, several other drugs such as antidepressants, Corticosteroids, reserpin

here are 10 tips for healthy sleep to prevent insomnia
. Wash up before bed
. Better yet hungry stomach is not in condition
. Do not smoke for some time before bed
. Reduce alcohol consumption
. Do not consume caffeine before bedtime.
. Adjust the light in the bedroom in order to feel comfortable
. Try not to nap
. Immediately lie down if it feels sleepy
. Done stretching muscles before bedtime
. Reposition your mind to keep it quiet

With high quality and adequate sleep, we can be better prepared and concentrated
management to perform the activity the next day.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


5 tips to stop smoking

Who does not know cigarette.smoke and smoking is one of the largest consumption in dunia.smoke containing addictive substances that can lead to addiction for the smokers, which obviously would obviously lead to negative effects for the smokers themselves and those around him.

quit smoking for some smokers just like in order to stop eating

The following are some tips to start up smoking:

1.make a table plan to stop smoking.

specify how much time there is need to stop smoking.

in this planning process to avoid all that related to smoking.

2.make one principle on yourself that "SMOKING" is futile "SMOKING" is harmful.

if you apply this way, the desire to smoke will be reduced drastically

3.ton eliminate or sour taste due to non-smokers, multiply Eat fruit and drink some water. regularly and looking busy on the sidelines during your spare time.

5.getting support of friends and family for your monitor so as not smoking.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


5 Simple Tips to Healthier Eating

It seems there's always a new diet treatment hitting the market, or talk of a magic pill that will eliminate fat. Whether you choose to partake in any of these new treatments or not, it's wise to remember the basics of healthy eating.
Just what is "healthy eating?" Is it only fruits and vegetables? Is it never eating sugar? It is eating only organic foods? Well, to some people, that is healthy eating. But, for the purposes of this article, when I refer to healthy eating I'm referring to balancing the food you eat to stay healthy. By keeping your diet balanced, you'll find you are giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong. This in turn gives you energy and helps you maintain a healthy weight.
What are some basic tips for healthy eating?
1. Don't skip any meals
That might sound odd to some people who believe you can only lose weight when you eat less. But, in fact, skipping meals is not healthy, and can actually keep you from maintaining your desired weight. Why? Well, one reason is that your metabolism increases when you eat. And, when the metabolism is increased, you burn more energy. Eating 3 meals with snacks in between is the ideal way to maintain both energy and a healthy weight. What's that, you say, a snack in between? That's right; a snack in between smaller meals is actually good for you. First, it can help you not feel so hungry at meals. And, when you don't feel so hungry at meals, you tend not to eat as much. And, second, eating 5 smaller meals a day helps prevent the large spikes and drops in your blood sugar associated with fewer meals a day.
2. Chew slowly
This advice may seem a bit corny, but it makes sense. When you wolf down your food you aren't giving your brain time to register when you’re full, which takes about 20 minutes. By the time you finally get the signal it's too late and you've eaten far more than you needed to. Therefore, if you chew your food slowly it slows down your eating.
3. Learn how to prepare foods
Instead of deep frying, try grilling, stir frying, microwaving, baking, boiling and, in the case of vegetables - raw. And, if you really insist on using butter for cooking, try a butter substitute. I use a yogurt butter which is half the fat of regular butter, but tastes the same as real butter. If you use butter to add flavor to food, try something else for a change, like lemon, vinegar or dried herbs and spices. Before you eat any type of meat, be sure to trim it of fat and skin.
4. Avoid alot of sugar
If you can eliminate sugar, good for you, but, if you can't, at least cut down. Drinks that contain sugar are a major source of empty calories. If you plan to drink sugary drinks, don't go overboard - limit yourself to one a day.
5. Skip the diet foods
If you follow healthy eating guidelines, there's really no need to buy prepared diet foods. A good number of these foods contain chemicals and additives that can be counterproductive to a healthy diet. A healthy portion of "real" food beats a heaping of prepared diet food any day, and doesn't leave you feeling deprived.
Eating healthier doesn't have to be difficult. The key is to be mindful of what and how you’re eating. Noticing is the first step in changing behavior
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Ways to Get in Better Shape and Stay That Way

More than any other time in history, people are all vying to have the best, healthiest body possible.  The health and fitness industries are making billions of dollars every year on herbal supplements, fitness equipment, gyms, and special diets.  If you watch TV or read magazines, there is always some intriguing commercial asking for money to help you get into shape.

While many of these options are good and healthy, others you should stay as far away from as possible.  Recently, a professional baseball player died at the age of 23.  In his locker, a bottle was discovered containing Ephedrine.  The FDA just issued a warning that people need to heed.

Now that you have made a commitment to take care of your body, both internal and external, it is critical to your overall health that you do it the right way.  Here are some tips for both health and fitness that will help you lose weight, discover ways to maintain a better healthy lifestyle, and be in the best shape of your life – all the smart way!

For sake of clarity, we have broken this down into two categories.  One for health, which focuses on herbal supplements, weight loss, dieting, rest, and everything you need to know about taking care of your body on the inside.

The other section is fitness, which has both internal and external benefits.  One the outside, fitness includes weight lifting, running, sports, walking, things you can do to enhance, tone, and build muscle.  However, fitness also has benefits for the inside such as great cardiovascular benefits among others.

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